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Postini™ services secure and manage email systems, without the need for software or hardware. Using patent-pending pass-through technology (versus store-and-forward methods), email bound for a company's email server is processed in real-time through a highly secure service architecture.

Block malicious or unwanted email messages before they penetrate the corporate firewall, improving employee productivity, minimizing IT management and maintenance costs, saving bandwidth, server and disk capacity, while keeping security threats away from the network.
Businesses select Postini because it is a low maintenance, flexible, complete solution to managing email security. Awarded PC Magazine Editors' Choice, Postini™ Perimeter Manager is:

  • Accurate. Postini's world-class heuristics and ensemble scoring captures up to 99% of all spam.
  • Reliable. Backed by a 99.999% service level guarantee.
  • Easy to Manage. The most comprehensive suite of monitoring and management tools available today, allowing email administrators to monitor the Postini service and their own email infrastructure in real-time. 

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