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    B.Faber, Willowind Productions
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    Alan Schwartz, Executive Vice President


Email Solutions

  • Email and the Web Site
Email is the backbone of new commerce.  Conducting business from your domain name, (jbond@mybusiness.com)  rather than from some on-line service, gives your company a strong status within the business community.   It also allows a stronger sense of internal communications.

The creation of a web site, bundled with the proper Email set-up and architecture, brings your business or profession into contemporary levels with your peers and your competition.

  • Email Without a Web Site
Whether you are ready to have a full-fledged online presence, or are planning to step into the Internet gradually, Windco.com has an Email solution for you.

Windco.com created www.wehostemail.com as an online business Email alternative for businesses, professionals and corporations who prefer to not maintain a company web site.  By selecting a domain name, you are able to have full Email capabilities without the actuality of the web site.  For more information, Contact Windco.