• "Windco.com created our website in 1997.  Since then, our business has never been better....."

    B.Faber, Willowind Productions
  • “Windco designed our website over ten years ago. We’re on our third version today, and we recommend their
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    Jenny Delson, The Toy Soldier Company
  • "I wanted to write you this letter to thank
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    mdiConsultants, Inc.
    Anand Akerkar, President&CEO
    Alan Schwartz, Executive Vice President


Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing Services

Letting the world know where you are on the Internet is a marketing service of Windco.  With millions of websites vying for the top rankings, it is Windco's job to help move your website upwards on the search engines that will bring your site to the notice of the people who use the Internet.


The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process should be as much a  part of the construction of a web site as is the site's architecture and text.  At Windco.com we believe that inclusive pro-active design is the basis for both a good web site and a web site this is more easily found on the Internet. 


CMS design means making the proper use, construction and placement of Page Titles, Key Words, Page Content Descriptions, and the added extra Meta-Tags that direct search engine spiders to the proper areas of your web site, so that they can index your site in order to have it placed appropriately in the  most important Internet search engines.


For those who already have their web site up and running, but are unhappy with placement in search engines and directories, Windco offers several levels of "Web Site Tune Ups", which include a basic level analysis, a Tune-up level for fixing and resetting the major Meta Tags for the top level pages and a complete overhaul of the registration meta-tags.