• "Windco.com created our website in 1997.  Since then, our business has never been better....."

    B.Faber, Willowind Productions
  • “Windco designed our website over ten years ago. We’re on our third version today, and we recommend their
    service highly.”

    Jenny Delson, The Toy Soldier Company
  • "I wanted to write you this letter to thank
    you for the successful redesign of our
    firm's web site at
    using your CMS system."

  • We can honestly say
    that over the past 15
    years, the folks at
    Windco.com have
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    mdiConsultants, Inc.
    Anand Akerkar, President&CEO
    Alan Schwartz, Executive Vice President


Webmaster Services

The Toy Soldier CompanyA unique Windco.com service.  A Windco.com Certified Webmaster will act as your Corporate Webmaster, maintaining and servicing your web site completely under your corporate identity.

Depending on the level of  Webmaster service needed, Web mastering usually includes all aspects of:

  • web design, architecture & construction and ongoing maintenance
  • eCommerce implementation
  • site statistic tracking and reporting
  • search engine registrations
  • Customer Service response to YOUR web site clients / customers

Additional Webmaster functions can include:

  • Construction of a corporate Intranet
  • co-location of a corporate server for the sole use of your company
  • Exchange server Email set-up and maintenance

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